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Kosher For Passover Party at Hudson Terrace to Draw Big Crowd

This is one party where the men won’t have to worry that the ladies are after their bread. And nobody will have to worry about what they are drinking. The 9th Annual “Kosher for Passover Matzah Ball,” which will take place on the rooftop of Hudson Terrace on Monday night April 9, will allow people to burn some calories after their Seders. Nelly Rosenking, of has run hundreds of parties over the years. But says this one is special.

While people may think of Purim or Chanukah as a time to live it up, Passover is a time to get excited as well.

“We are celebrating our freedom under one roof so there’s definitely a reason to party,” she said.

About ten years ago, while in Miami, Rosenking saw there were floods of young Jews that came down to Florida to celebrate the holiday and some who stayed in New York. There was a need for a Kosher-for Passover party so she simply created one for both cities.

And while the food for Passover might not be great, there isn’t a reason why the parties shouldn’t be great, she said. So what’s on tap? No beer, obviously, but a bevy of great wines and Zachlawi Vodka, will be sponsoring a free drink. More than 800 people came to last year’s party, she said.

“We want to be inclusive and allow people to come out and not have to worry about what they are drinking and just have a good time,” she said.

A percentage of the sales of the party Saturday night will go to One Family Fund, which gives aid of Israeli victims of terrorism.

Rosenking is also hosting a week of parties in Miami. For the first time there will be a pool side day-party, at the Victor Hotel on Ocean Drive. Demand for events has increased, she said. And while on Passover Jews are asked to pretend they are coming out of Egypt, for Rosenking, it’s not so hard because she’s Egyptian. And eating kosher on Passover isn’t as hard as it could be, in the literal and the figurative sense.

“I’m allowed to eat rice,” she said with a laugh. “What can I say? Sefardis get perks.”

And a perk of the party could be meeting someone you share Seders with, as 12 couples have met and gotten married from the Kosher-For Passover parties.